What this publication is about

This is a space for us to do, publicly, something we have been doing in private for years - share and talk about what we are reading.

We created 1914 Reader to share our thoughts on books, journals, articles and anything else of interest as we go along. In summary, you can expect the following type of content here:

- Interesting articles (with excerpts) along with our commentary

- Mostly short form (but sometimes long form) reviews of books we have read and found interesting

- Weekly roundups of what Nigerian newspapers are saying as well as news from around the world with a Nigeria focus

- Short posts on topics that may not fit into the above categories

If this reader is to have a theme, it is that we will try to apply a Nigerian lens to anything we read and try to understand the impact of global trends on Nigeria. Our interests are mainly economics but we will try to talk about other things as well.

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We hope can make all of this worth your time

Tobi Lawson and Feyi Fawehinmi

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A space created by Tobi Lawson and Feyi Fawehinmi to read and think in public


Co-author - Formation: The Making of Nigeria from Jihad to Amalgamation (https://www.amazon.com/Formation-Fola-Fagbule/dp/191317509X)
I am passionate about economic development and human prosperity. I write mostly about the political economy of development.